Our Commitment to Safety

At MSD employee safety starts on day one! Each employee is given orientation, substance screening, job specific training and evaluation that must be passed before they ever enter an MSD Jobsite.

Each work day begins with the MSD MOVE-IT program along with extensive pre-task planning that each employee participates in.

Employees are constantly evaluated by their Supervisor, MSD Management and our third party safety consultants to ensure a safe work space is maintained.

I am very impressed with MSD's true dedication to the health and safety of their employees. When Mr. Hanson contacted me about creating an employee stretching and warm-up routine, I assumed he was doing so to fulfill requirements put forth by a safety commission. I discovered during our first meeting to discuss this project, that this was not the case. It was instantly clear that the leadership at MSD harbored an unrivaled commitment to employee safety and well-being to a degree that I had never witnessed before in a construction based company. It was a pleasure working on this project, as I had the cooperation from MSD leadership to create something that I believe will truly benefit the employees from not only a workplace safety standpoint, but will impact their well-being above and beyond their time on the job site.

Thanks for this wonderful experience.
-Dr. Chavez

In my 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, I’ve seen few companies as decided and focused on worker safety as MSD Building Corp.

Paul Johnson, CHST, CRIS
Reliant Safety Solutions, LLC